A lot of people (myself included) start off using and learning about Advocare products by doing the 24 Day Challenge.  If you are considering purchasing the Challenge Pack, I highly recommend becoming a Distributor.  Why?  At the very least, you get 20% off all Advocare products, including the 24 Day Challenge.  When you become a distributor you receive $50 worth of product samples (Spark and Slam energy drinks) and a Distributor Kit detailing everything that AdvoCare has to offer, then you would get 20% off your challenge pack which is $40 off.  It costs $79 to be a distributor, so you would basically make that money back in discounts and free products.  From this point forward you would get 20% off any products that you purchase, with the ability to work your way up to 40% off.


The steps to becoming a distributor are:


1.  Go to this link and register to become a distributor
2.  Once you are registered purchase the challenge pack from yourself with the 20% discount.
Woo hoo!


3.  Start the Challenge and see how Advocare products really work and make you feel great!