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A little about me:

I am a 35 year old woman with a hubby and 2 young kids. In my younger years I was always pretty athletic and loved playing sports. As I got older I worked in restaurants waiting tables to put myself through college. I mention this because in my teens and early twenties, I was always on the skinny side while being able to eat anything I wanted, and I mean anything! I worked for years at an Italian restaurant and it wasn’t unusual for me to eat chicken with goat cheese, lemon butter with a side of fettucini alfredo. The physicality of the job, running around night after night, allowed me to eat like a garbage disposal and not worry about those EXTRA calories. They day I quit working in restaurants is the day I ballooned up 30 pounds without even realizing it. Well, it took longer than a day, more like a year. It happened gradually and one day I stepped on a scale and was sick over how much weight I had gained. I must have been in some kind of denial to not notice this happening, I was shocked. For the next ten years, my weight has fluctuated up and down. I go through phases of running and exercising to phases of doing nothing and eating everything.

We have 2 beautiful boys that wreaked complete havoc on my body. I gained 60-70 lbs with my first and I was able to lose the baby weight in 8 months. My 2nd son came along, I gained 40 lbs, and the weight has been STUBBORN coming off. He is now a year and a half old and I am still 15 lbs. over my goal weight. I have been exercising consistently for a year. I tend to really enjoy doing BeachBody workouts, I have done Chalean Extreme, P90X, Les Mills PUMP and am now currently doing P90X 3. The last 3 months I have been really focusing on what I eat and have not lost a pound. Talk about frustrating! I even went to the doctor to have my thyroid checked!! The blood work came back totally normal and my frustration rose.

A few weeks ago I met up with some friends for a girls weekend away. I have one friend, who owns a gym and of course looks fabulous. I was telling her about my frustrations and she started telling me about AdvoCare. One of our mutual friends showed up and had lost thirty pounds with her journey starting with the 24 day challenge and working out (CrossFit). She said she lost 14 lbs. from the challenge alone. It is one thing to read reviews online and see before and after pics that may or may not be photoshopped, but its a whole other thing to see people you know having awesome results. I really don’t count how my friend who owns a gym looks – her job is to work out and look great. I do think that it means something that she recommends AdvoCare as she said she was never a fan of supplements until now.

This brings me to today. Stuck at one weight, 15-20 lbs. overweight and needing something to jumpstart this rut I am in. I decided to order the 24 Day Challenge. You might be thinking, if I don’t know how the products make me look and feel, why am I already blogging about them and signed on to be a distributor? Well, I think that if it does work, then blogging about my journey through this process is much more helpful to someone, than me trying to remember how I looked and felt after the fact. I am a computer programer and it just makes sense for me to put my digital footprint all over this. The other thing, is that when ordering a 24 day challenge, I almost break even by signing up to be a distributor from the start. You spend $79 plus applicable taxes and a $7.45 shipping charge to be a distributor, then get 20% off all products (including the challenge). With that you receive a box of Spark (22.95) and a box of Slam (35.95) which is almost $60 of free product. The 20% discount off of the challenge is another $38 off, totally worth the extra price and discount.

This is how I got here, and now let the Challenge begin!

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